Improvised Learning

Activity Goals

  1. Identify the most common medical terms by defining them and using them in context.
  2. Demonstrate independence in gathering vocabulary knowledge when encountering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression.


  • Rationale
    • This is a mastery level activity and also functions as an informal assessment of student fluency
    • Often students are initially self-conscious about this activity, but after enjoying the laughter and relaxed atmosphere they are willing to give it a try
    • Humor is a great palliative against fear
  • Activity Instructions
    • Before beginning this activity any questions about definitions or pronunciations of the 20 words should be answered
    • From the list of twenty words, each group chooses ten at random
    • Two volunteers will be given a random stack of ten cards to perform a “scene” with audience suggestions about place and situation
    • The goal is to naturally work your ten words into the dialogue before your partner uses her or his ten words
    • Reflection:
      • How was this activity?
      • What do you need to know in order to use a word fluently in conversation? Be as specific as you can with this
  • Additional Resources: Medical Terminology Unit Word Building
  • Unit: Word Building
  • Course: Medical Terminology

Developed by Kerry Bank, I-BEST Instructor
Santa Fe Community College

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