Learning Together

Activity Goals

  1. Identify the most common medical terms by defining them and using them in context.
  2. Demonstrate independence in gathering vocabulary knowledge when encountering a word or phrase important to comprehension or expression.


  • Rationale
    • Teamwork is an essential part of providing healthcare – it is also an essential part of a good classroom
    • Similar to the principle of “learning backwards,” the struggle of not having perfect information aids in retention
    • Context doesn’t always help in reading medical texts; this type of activity gives students a tool for difficult future readings
  • Activity Instructions
    • You will be given one of the following:

      • A highlighter
      • A stack of cards
      • A one page case study
      • A list of 20 words

    • Your task:
      • Form a team (make sure you have all four materials)
      • Highlight the words in the case study
      • Draw a / separating prefix or suffix from complete word
      • Write definitions on the list of 20 words
    • Work in your groups to summarize some of the case study in simpler language (be ready to share)
    • Using whatever strategies you like, learn and memorize as many of the words as you can (be prepared to share what strategies you used)
    • In your groups, take a few minutes to think and talk about the following questions; we will have time to hear from a few groups.
      • What was your frustration level like during this activity?
      • How did working together affect the difficulty of this activity?
      • Some of the definitions are not complete, is guessing useful?
      • How does this support the first activity? How is it different?
  • Additional Resources: Medical Terminology Unit Word Building
  • Unit: Word Building
  • Course: Medical Terminology

Developed by Kerry Bank, I-BEST Instructor
Santa Fe Community College

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