What Happened at Clinical Practice? (Simple Past) - • Review the simple past.
• Utilize the past tense to report about what happened at a work situation
What Did the Patient Say? (Reported Speech) - • Utilize reported speech to convey what someone says to a third party.
• Practice common ways to form correct reported speech sentences in English.
Rehabilitation process. Cheerful doctor helping positive and content senior patient in wheelchair Transfer to a Wheelchair (Future Tense) - • Demonstrate the indirect and direct skills necessary for correct transfer of a patient with one-side weakness to a wheelchair.
Health Care Professionals The CNA and The Health Care Team (Present Tense) - Featured Activity for Nursing Assistant with ESL Support • Utilize the names of the members of the health care team
• Identify and pronounce the names of the health care team correctly
• Respond to yes or no and short answer questions about the roles of each member of the team
• Use the present tense in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms accurately
Taking a Blood Pressure (Time Clauses) - • Identify and explain the steps in taking a blood pressure
• Communicate effectively with the resident while taking a blood pressure
• Utilize time clauses to communicate the correct sequence of steps
• Construct English sentences with dependent and independent clauses which correctly convey a time sequence
Happy young doctor using tablet pc looking at camera Reporting Progress on Assigned Tasks (Present Perfect Tense) - • Review the present perfect tense.
• Utilize the present perfect tense to complete a health survey simulation.
Order of Draw (Drawing blood samples) - • Draw blood samples in correct order
One of These Things Is Not Like the Other (Patient Identification) - • Identify patients correctly
• Explain the importance of indirect care
Image of Patient Unit Introduction to Patient Unit (Simple Commands) - • Utilize the English words for objects in the patient unit and pronounce them correctly
• Explain how to operate the controls for the hospital bed
• Offer and respond to simple commands in English related to the patient unit
• Introduce themselves to the residents in English and provide appropriate communication preceding a procedure
Portrait of clinician in eyeglasses looking at thermometer with sick girl lying near by Celsius to Fahrenheit (Converting Temperatures) - • Convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Celsius